Basil! Yes dear, just coming!

My basil plant in his new pot

Today I repotted my basil plant for the second time because he’s grown an unprecedented amount since the last time he was repotted and as he’s been using the window as a sort of support system. I am not a very green-fingered person, it is not my forte. But this basil plant has become an interesting challenge. I know basil plants are supposed to be difficult to keep alive so now that I have brought him back from the brink of death after he withered from the full and flourishing plant that I originally bought at Morrisons I’ve become quite interested in him. Although, I’ve been eating his leaves less too, which somewhat defeats his true life’s purpose.

I’ve never seen a basil plant like him before, these two brown stalks launched into the air, and now are flourishing at the top like a small tree, only he can’t support himself, he’s all top-heavy, so I put him into a new pot today, the only one he could go in – it’s a bit big and resembles a small child in clown shoes, but hopefully he’ll be happy. I also stuck knitting needles in with him, and tied the feeble stalks to them to prop him up. He’ll get better use out of the knitting needles than I would have done, I’d never intended on knitting with them anyway, I thought they might make a good cross structure for a hanging mobile.

Once he was repotted he also became a willing model to try out the new close-up filters for my camera. I’ve been playing about with them as I develop an aesthetic for a new project I’m working on. The results of this are below – he’s a photogenic wee thing…

Other close-up filter play - wall map.

Tintin time


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